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Futocracy Network

Welcome to the Futocracy Network

Creating the Future by What You Do Today - rethinking organizations, leadership, and change

About the Futocracy Network


The Futocracy Network

brings together people who are unhappy with their work environment and are struggling to gain a way to influence action for improvement.
They want to learn how to champion change without career risk
so they can work in an organization that encourages their involvement and rewards their contribution thereby serving a higher purpose that they cannot achieve alone.

To accomplish this, the Futocracy Network will provide the encouragement and pathway for becoming a Network Weaver, building a collaborative network for Living Your Future (Today) – taking action today to move one step closer toward the organization they crave. 

Together, we will go beyond traditional organizational change discussion groups with 

  • Focused topics that enable learning through awareness of new ideas and deep dialogue with others leading change within their organization
  • Designing organizations that are built for routine, adaptive change - understanding the connection between organization design and org-change
  • Building human-centric organizations - becoming an employer-of-choice while still being purpose driven (Alignment!)
  • Responding to the need for change (developing change competencies) - building agile organizations that meet the challenge of increasing pressure for change (both customer & employee needs)

Why You Should Join

Everything today is about change.  However, few managers have had any formal training in org-change practices.  They often only know what they experienced themselves, which is often more “what not to do” than what to do.  To overcome this knowledge gap, org-change experts and resources are coming together in a learning and sharing network. 

  • Future-proofing your organization - gain an awareness of what pioneering organizations are doing
  • Becoming purpose aligned and principle-driven - rethinking organization structure & leadership
  • Reaching change competency maturity - rethinking change - moving from episodic disruption to routine adaptation  
  • Meeting the challenge of incorporating technology that is people friendly - People are Not Interchangeable parts of a Machine!!!!

Do you . . .

  • spend more time firefighting (fixing problems) than on fire prevention (strategic advancement)?
  • have to wait on others because no one can make a decision by themselves?
  • feel you work with a bunch of cats, all heading in different directions? (or sleeping?)
  • have to reorganize every couple of years to respond to new work requirements?
  • take your problems home with you because they remain unresolved?

Together we will . . .

  • learn from each other – brainstorm ideas & motivate each other through challenging times
  • learn to Think Differently about organizations & leadership and experiment with New Ideas you can try for immediate workplace improvement
  • learn to think about change as continuous sensemaking and adaptation
  • have fun - rejoice and share successes
    and encourage each other through the rough times we face in transition organizations into the future - the New Era Organization

What transformation do you need?

  • How to influence others where you lack “control”
  • A mechanism for aligning everyone toward a common purpose
  • Ways to “decide how to decide” without micromanagement
  • Adapting to the post-COVID workforce of low engagement

Is this community for you?

  • Are you unhappy with your work environment and are struggling to gain a way to influence action for improvement?
  • Are you motivated and energized enough to take action once you know what’s possible?
  • Do you want to collaborate with others to generate ideas for constructing and managing a more effective Organization to meet the changing demands of the New Era of society and technology? 
  • Do you want to establish flexible and purpose-driven organizations that are socially responsible and actively support the collaborative involvement of people?

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