Futocracy Network
Futocracy Network

Welcome to the Futocracy Network

Moving from Industrial Era Bureaucracy to the New Era Organization – agile and an employer-of-choice

About the Futocracy Network

Going beyond traditional organizational change discussion groups with 

  • Multiple topics that enable learning through both awareness of new ideas and deep dialogue with org-change professionals
  • Designing organizations that are built for routine, adaptive change
  • Building human-centric organizations 
  • Responding to the need for change (developing change competencies)

Why You Should Join

Everything today is about change.  However, few managers have had any formal training in org-change practices.  They often only know what they experienced themselves, which is often more “what not to do” than what to do.  To overcome this knowledge gap, org-change experts and resources are coming together in a learning and sharing network. 

  • Future-proofing your organization
  • Becoming purpose aligned and principle-driven
  • Reaching change competency maturity
  • Meeting the challenge of incorporating technology that is people friendly

A Big Thanks

Thank you to all the past leaders who used failed, seat-of-the-paths change methodology that demonstrates so clearly the need for a just-in-time org-change resource for those facing challenges that are limiting their success in today's dynamic world.

What you will Learn

Many organizations are experimenting with alternate structures and new ways of working together.  You will be exposed to these experiments here as we explore the advantages and limitations of these new ideas.  But more important, our focus is on how to implement these ideas to build a purpose aligned organization that people want to work for.